Alphabet stocks surge by 7% following reports suggesting that Apple is negotiating the licensing of Gemini AI for integration into iPhones

Alphabet's stock witnessed a notable surge of over 7% during Monday's trading session, spurred by reports suggesting that tech behemoth Apple is engaged in discussions to license Gemini for potential integration into forthcoming iPhones. Meanwhile, Apple's own shares also experienced a positive uptick of more than 2%.

Gemini represents Google's comprehensive suite of generative artificial intelligence tools, encompassing a diverse array of applications ranging from chatbots to coding assistants.

As outlined in a Bloomberg report, Apple is reportedly exploring the prospect of collaborating with Alphabet-owned Google to license and incorporate its Gemini AI engine into future iterations of the iPhone. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg indicated that the two tech titans are actively engaged in negotiations, with a view to deploying Gemini to power specific new features anticipated to be introduced as part of upcoming iPhone software updates slated for release later this year.

Apple's highly anticipated iOS 18, expected to be unveiled during its Worldwide Developers Conference, is anticipated to shed more light on the company's strategic roadmap for leveraging generative artificial intelligence. Traditionally, this conference serves as a platform for Apple to unveil its latest software innovations before they are subsequently rolled out to consumers in the autumn.

During the company's annual shareholder meeting in February, Apple CEO Tim Cook underscored the firm's substantial investment in AI, expressing anticipation for unveiling groundbreaking advancements in generative AI later in the year.

In addition to discussions with Alphabet-owned Google, Apple has reportedly held talks with OpenAI and is contemplating leveraging its model as well, according to insider sources cited by Bloomberg. However, specifics regarding the terms of potential AI agreements, including branding and implementation details, have yet to be finalized by the two parties.

As CNBC could not independently verify the Bloomberg report, Apple declined to offer any official comment on the matter, while Alphabet remained silent when approached for clarification.

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