Day 3 of Fall 2024/2025 Haute Couture Week: Highlights and Reviews

As we enter Day 3 of Haute Couture Week, the runway continues to dazzle with innovative designs and striking presentations. Here’s a glimpse of the standout moments and designers that showcased their collections today.

Designers Showcasing Today:

- Yuima Nakazato
- Jean Paul Gaultier
- Balenciaga
- Julie de Libran
- Viktor and Rolf
- Zuhair Murad
- Elie Saab
- Julien Fournié
- Franck Sorbier

The 90s couture collections would have wondered what exactly is going on with modern couture as we have Demna mixing modern style with couture, giving off baggy shirts layered with oversized hats. Viktor and Rolf stuck with their usual style, and I didn't see much different from every other collection. Jean Paul Gaultier went all black with neutral colors, giving a gothic yet modern vibe. Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab brought their signature elegance to the runway, enchanting the audience with their intricate designs.

One of my favorite highlights was from two designers: Julien Fournié, who took us back to the 90s with his timeless designs, and Yuima Nakazato, who painted everywhere red with his gorgeous designs and crafts called "Unveil."

Check out all the designers' collections and let us know your favorites!  

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