Fashion photography for plus-size models: representation and inclusivity

A particular standard of beauty has long dominated fashion photography, with slender models predominating the runway and print advertisements. However, there has been a movement in recent years for greater diversity and representation in the industry, particularly for plus-size models.

Sizes 14 and up are considered plus-size, and plus-size models have made progress recently in the fashion industry. Plus-size models have been breaking down stereotypes and upending the status quo on everything from walkways to ads.

Fashion photography for plus-size models is crucial for inclusivity as well as representation. We are expressing the message that all body shapes are deserving of representation and that there are many different sorts of beauty by using plus-size models in fashion photography. Not only are plus-size models defying preconceptions and societal norms, but they are also encouraging body positivity and self-acceptance.

Fashion photography for plus-size models is advantageous to businesses as well. The plus-size market has increased by 6% annually, and The NPD Group's research indicates that it is now worth $21.4 billion. Businesses are more likely to draw clients who are looking for representation and inclusivity if plus-size models are used in fashion photography.

In conclusion, plus-size fashion photography is essential for diversity and visibility. By including plus-size models, we challenge prejudices and cultural conventions, support body positivity, and tap into a rising market. Let's keep working to improve the fashion industry's diversity and representation.

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[Samson Ogunshe]

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