GEORGES HOBEIKA Couture Fall 20232024 full show


The GEORGES HOBEIKA Couture Fall 2023/2024 show was a celebration of dreams and the luminous power they hold. The collection served as an ode to vitality, with the creators’ imagination painting a poetic and colorful panorama. The garments, designed with airy lines, aimed to exalt self-confidence and femininity1.

The collection, titled “A Dream,” featured a joyful summer palette of pink, lilac, blue, and green across 65 looks. It showcased the exceptional craftsmanship of the atelier, with exquisite embroideries on delicate fabrics. The designs were created to celebrate hope and optimism, reflecting the brand’s commitment to elegance and beauty2.

The full show, presented in high definition, was a phygital fashion event that highlighted the brand’s signature style and the creative vision of Georges Hobeika and Jad Hobeika3. The collection’s intricate details and vibrant colors made it a standout presentation during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris4.

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