Reviving the Rockstar Fur: Miley Cyrus & Cardi B Set the Trend

Miley Cyrus & Cardi B Bring Back The Rockstar Coat

Miley Cyrus and Cardi B brought back the classic rockstar fur on Friday, surprising the music industry. Both singers made a big statement with their most recent high-energy music videos, "Doctor (Work It Out)" and "Like What (Freestyle)," highlighting the ageless appeal of statement furs in today's fashion world.
Miley Cyrus & Cardi B Bring Back The Rockstar Coat
Cardi B's visually stunning video, produced by her estranged husband Offset, featured her wearing a striking two-toned coat reminiscent of Lil' Kim's famous attire from her "Came Back For You" music video. While Lil' Kim's chinchilla coat, worth more than six figures, was worn with a matching fur bikini, Cardi B's tribute to the legendary rapper brought a modern touch to the look. The rise of statement furs, in both rockstar and daily forms, underscores a larger trend in celebrity fashion, influenced by everything from Mob Wife themes to runway shows.

Cardi B's video also pays homage to another rap icon, Missy Elliott, by borrowing a sound from her song "She's a Bitch" and including bedazzled brows evocative of Elliott's hallmark look. Meanwhile, in the music world, Miley Cyrus embraced the retro allure of fur in her "Doctor (Work It Out)" video with Pharrell Williams. Cyrus exhibited classic glamor while wearing a powder blue Birger Christensen coat formerly worn by supermodel Linda Evangelista for a 1997 Vogue cover. She accessorized with PVC bangles and tousled Rock & Roll hair.

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