Victoria's Secret Announces Return of Annual Fashion Show After Five-Year Hiatus

Exciting news for fashion lovers: Victoria's Secret is bringing back its annual fashion show after a five-year break! The famous lingerie brand announced this on Instagram, sparking lots of excitement in the fashion world.

For years, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wowed audiences with stunning lingerie, fancy runways, and celebrity performances. But it stopped in 2019 as people wanted more diversity and inclusivity in fashion.

Now, Victoria's Secret is making a big comeback with the show, promising a fresh and modern approach. They're focused on inclusivity, body positivity, and empowerment.

In their Instagram post, Victoria's Secret shared their excitement for the return of the show, promising an unforgettable experience for fans worldwide. While details are still secret, fashion lovers are eagerly waiting to see the new collections and runway performances.

As Victoria's Secret gets ready to make its big comeback, the fashion world is buzzing with excitement. With its iconic show back, Victoria's Secret shows it's still a leader in the lingerie world, ready to inspire and empower everyone.


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  • I just hope the pressure of been inclusive won’t stop them again


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