Following deadly riots, France implements TikTok ban in New Caledonia, declares state of emergency - AFP

France has deployed troops, instituted a curfew and banned TikTok in its riot-hit Pacific territory of New Caledonia, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday.

"Soldiers from the armed forces have been deployed to secure the New Caledonia ports and the airport", Attal told a crisis ministerial meeting in Paris. The territory's High Commissioner, Louis Le Franc, who had asked for troops, has "announced a curfew and banned TikTok", Attal said.

source - AFP NEWS

March 2023, France announced Friday it is banning the “recreational” use of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and other apps on government employees’ phones because of concern about insufficient data security measures.

The move follows similar restrictions on TikTok in democratic countries amid fears about the popular video-sharing app’s Chinese connections. But the French decision also encompassed other platforms widely used by government officials, lawmakers and President Emmanuel Macron himself.

The French Minister for Transformation and Public Administration, Stanislas Guerini, said in a statement that ‘’recreational’’ apps aren’t secure enough to be used in state administrative services and ’’could present a risk for the protection of data.”

The ban will be monitored by France’s cybersecurity agency. The statement did not specify which apps are banned but noted that the decision came after other governments took measures targeting TikTok.

Guerini’s office said in a message to The Associated Press that the ban also will include Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, gaming apps like Candy Crush and dating apps.

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