Juana Martín | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2023/2024

The Juana Martín Haute Couture Fall Winter 2023/2024 collection, titled “Fauves,” was a profound reflection on the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. Presented in Paris, the collection captured the somber mood of the era, transitioning from a sense of destruction and profound sadness to peace and freedom. Each garment was imbued with symbolism, such as the bull representing the strength of the Spanish people, eyes for government surveillance, and encircling hands for oppression.

Drawing inspiration from the artistic movements of cubism and abstract art, which stood against the nationalism of the time, the collection featured a color palette of white, black, gray, and silver. The looks were named symbolically to evoke resilience, hope, and rebirth, characteristic of the period in Spanish history.

The showstopper was a piece featuring a giant dove, a universal symbol of peace and freedom, encapsulating Juana Martín’s longing for tranquility. The collection offered a range of styles, from chic mini dresses with lantern sleeves to high-waisted trousers and polished jackets, showcasing Martin’s technical expertise and narrative that celebrated female freedom and resilience123.

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