The Gentle Masculinity of Valentino Men by Pierpaolo Piccioli

Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino's Creative Director, tackles the theme of masculinity in his Fall/Winter 2024 men's collection, which focuses on the color blue. Blue, which was traditionally linked with femininity, has developed over the last century to represent masculinity, carrying a variety of expectations and subtleties. Piccioli reinterprets and embraces this color, reflecting society's shifting perceptions of masculinity.

The collection represents a new direction in men's fashion, emphasizing softness, fluidity, delicacy, and elegance. Piccioli defies traditional masculinity, finding strength in vulnerability and redefining men's apparel. The pieces have delicate silhouettes with softer cuts, elaborate embroidery, and ornamental elements that redefine masculinity.

Valentino's Altorilievo technique, famed for its sculptural forms, is used to create apertures and textures in the clothes, which provide depth and character to the design. Piccioli's collection strives to reinvent masculinity in fashion, taking a more soft and subtle approach that reflects changing conceptions of gender roles in modern society.

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