AI FASHION X GIOVA By Pellecchia Giovanni

In this period, the world has an obsession with AI. Born in 2022, this word is becoming famous in all countries, especially in the U.S.A. and Japan, as the leader of technology and robotic systems.

AI has just conquered everyone . According to some scientists and managers, “AI is a new evolution of human wellness.”.

AI is also a perfect instrument for promoting creativity and creating new ideas. Designers and stylists understood how these new inventions could be worthwhile to work on without effort. An example is the luxury brand Balenciaga.

Since 2023, this brand has created all its products with the use of AI, creating incredible dresses, shoes, and jackets. For an Al fashion lover, this is incredible.

How is it possible to create something incredible like that?

This is the power of technology. AI is so beloved that new surprises are arriving amid fashion competitions and the creation of models for campaigns.

These new tools can catalyze new ideas, finding patterns and connections that a human being might not arrive at so quickly», declared Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova, fashion designers and founders of the science-tech brand Auroboros: «Artificial intelligence can amplify and facilitate the work of a designer, not replace it, continued Paula and Alissa.

This is why we have introduced these tools within the Auroboros Academy, our training center focused on Web3 and digital fashion programs, to offer our students a new landscape in which to learn and innovate. And, above all, teaching them not to be afraid of technology, but rather to be curious and test these tools.

For all creative people, this is a great opportunity, but during this period, there have been quite a few doubts about the use of AI. A common question is, “How will AI change the world?”

This is a point that designers and stylists often think about. An example is Fashion World in Shanghai. The amazing city, a monster of Big Tech, will no longer use designers for Fashion Week but only Chinese Techno Programs for creating new collections.

However interesting this technology can be, there is a negative truth: the role of designer could no longer be worthwhile and appreciated. It is for this reason that Xander Smith, a digital artist who, over the years, has worked as a costume designer for the film and television industries, uses AI very sparingly.

When I have an idea but don’t have the time to write it down, sometimes I use Midjourney to speed up sketching. It is useful, but I have to be careful about the laziness in the design, because itreally easy to fall into it said Xander

Also uses these tools for personal work during the classic Sunday relaxation: "It's creatively satisfying, relaxing, and terrifying at the same time. But after all, is it worse to turn off your mind while designing with artificial intelligence or while watching Netflix?

However, according to the artist, there would be particularly revolutionary benefits in terms of democratization: Literally, anyone could become a designer. This scares many established artists, but the truth is that creation is an intrinsically human act and artificial intelligence will democratize it. So what will happen to the fashion industry when anyone can instantly design the clothing of their dreams?

“Maybe brands that empower this type of creative behavior will offer more fun and experiential platforms,” continued Xander.

Quite a few designer are on edge because of this situation . Everyone can be a designer using a computer.

same anxiety as Pellecchia Giovanni, an emerging fashion designer who wants to share his ideas about this world.

“Using AI for fashion is only beautiful to me, but we must understand that the majority of the products realized with AI either exist or are not possible to create. I consider true that

AI can change the world, but it is important to create a strong collaboration among designers and technology.”.

Recently, Giovanni has created some designs with the use of AI, and he decided to show them here after seeing how this method is wonderful to use, but with the help of the human mind.

“I was a shoe Designer . I created a collection of fine outfits without using a program. In this period, I think I will start with an Italian luxury brand called Giuseppe Zanetti, but high-end brands no longer accept handmade sketches. They only want to see a drawing of high quality without a function, without 100% creativity by humans. That’s so weird for me”. Said Giovanni and continued by saying, “There is no emotion in using AI.

When I create a drawing by myself, I feel so proud of the result. When I created a design with AI fashion programs, I felt nothing. I truly don’t feel excited about it”.

An era for Fashion is starting , but not everyone accepts this new conditions . In the last few years, there have been fewer designers because brands prefer to use AI for free rather than hire a designer who works so slowly. This is the truth about AI.

I think humans must use it with calm, because this is a real evolution, but it could be perfect in humans, and technology will create a wonderful collaboration.

Like Giovanni says, “Fashion is not only creativity but also an opportunity to show how the human mind is strong enough to create wonderful things. We all must understand this”.

The problem is that AI is creating anxiety both inside the design world and in Model career.

AI models appear to be more wonderful than human models because they are created with the perfect aesthetic canons, without problems or negative features.

This idea is creating tension among stylists and models. They don’t appreciate the idea of seeing holograms on catwalks because this method offers no emotion or enthusiasm.

Is this only a strategy for having everything for free?

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