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Who/what is Sustainable Week aimed at?


Sustainable Week is designed for a broad spectrum of industries, encompassing all sectors, and includes a dedicated Sustainable Fashion Week. This inclusive event targets organizations, businesses, and individuals worldwide who are committed to fostering sustainability across various domains. The overarching goal is to create a platform where stakeholders from diverse sectors can converge to exchange ideas, showcase innovative practices, and collaborate on initiatives aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and sustainable development. Sustainable Fashion Week, as part of this event, specifically targets brands and entities within the fashion industry, encouraging them to embrace sustainable practices and demonstrate their dedication to minimizing environmental impact. Through comprehensive programming and engagement opportunities, Sustainable Week aims to educate, inspire, and catalyze action towards a more sustainable future across all sectors and industries.


Who/what is this event (Sustainable Week and Fashion Week) aimed at?


The Sustainable Week and Fashion Week events have a dual focus. Sustainable Fashion Week is targeted towards organizations and brands within the textile and fashion industries, particularly those with a significant environmental impact. The aim is to raise awareness and position Ireland as a central platform for showcasing the efforts of brands, regardless of size, to reduce their environmental footprint. Concurrently, the broader Sustainable Week component of the event aims to bridge the gap on sustainability across all sectors. It serves as an inclusive platform dedicated to educating both consumers and brands on ways to contribute to environmental preservation and integrate sustainability into various aspects of their operations and product life cycles.

Companies or individuals applying for Sustainable Week participation must meet the following criteria:

Organizations or Individuals eligible for participation must meet the following criteria:


  1. Long-term Sustainability Plan: Applicants should have a well-defined long-term plan or policy in place aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their activities. We firmly believe that accountability is crucial in the journey to minimize the environmental footprint of clothing production.


  1. Compliance with Regulations: Production activities must adhere to existing sustainability standards, legislation, and environmental regulations. It is essential for applicants to demonstrate a commitment to conducting their operations in a manner that aligns with these regulations.


  1. Sustainability Policies and Practices: Eligible entities should have established policies and practices that prioritize sustainability and benefit the environment. This can include initiatives such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and resource conservation.


  1. Demonstrated Commitment: Applicants must demonstrate their dedication to improving the planet by showcasing past efforts or ongoing initiatives aimed at environmental improvement.


  1. Waste Reduction Efforts: Applicants must be committed to reducing the amount of garments that end up in landfills. This commitment to waste reduction aligns with our overarching goal of promoting sustainability throughout the clothing production lifecycle.


Eligibility Criteria for Sustainable Fashion Week Participants:


Businesses or individuals applying for Sustainable Fashion Week participation must meet the following criteria:


- Long-term Sustainability Plan: Applicants should have a clearly defined long-term plan or policy in place to reduce the environmental impact of clothing. We believe that accountability is essential, and all businesses should be responsible for their environmental footprint.


- Compliance with Regulations: Production activities must adhere to current sustainability standards, legislation, and environmental regulations. It is crucial for applicants to operate in accordance with these regulations.


- Sustainability Policies and Practices: Eligible participants should have established policies and practices that prioritize sustainability and benefit the environment. This includes initiatives such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and resource conservation.


- Demonstrated Commitment: Applicants must demonstrate their dedication to improving the planet by showcasing past efforts or ongoing initiatives aimed at environmental improvement.


- Waste Reduction Focus: Participants must be committed to reducing the amount of garments that end up in landfills. This commitment to waste reduction aligns with our goal of promoting sustainability throughout the clothing production lifecycle.

What types of funds are we seeking for Sustainable Week?

We are seeking various forms of financial support to ensure the success of Sustainable Week. These include:

1. Social and Commercial Enterprise Funding: We welcome contributions from social and commercial enterprises interested in supporting sustainability initiatives. These funds will help cover operational expenses and program development.

2. Sponsorship and Collaboration from Sustainable-Minded Companies: We invite sponsorship and collaboration from companies looking to align their brand with sustainability. By partnering with Sustainable Week, companies can showcase their commitment to environmental stewardship and engage with a like-minded audience.

3. Promotional Funding for Marketing and Advertising: Funding for marketing and advertising efforts is essential to promote Sustainable Week effectively. These funds will be used to raise awareness about the event and attract participants from diverse sectors.

4. Venue Costs: Given that Sustainable Week spans over seven days, funding is needed to cover venue rental costs. This includes securing suitable spaces for workshops, seminars, and other activities throughout the event.

5. Travel and Accommodation Expenses: To facilitate the participation of guests and key speakers, funding is required for hotel accommodations and flight expenses. This ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds can contribute to the event and share their expertise on sustainability.

Overall, these funds will enable us to create an engaging and impactful Sustainable Week that educates, inspires, and mobilizes individuals and organizations towards a more sustainable future.


Event Location:


Sustainable Week will take place across two venues:


  1. The Radisson Blu Hotel
  2. Academy Plaza Hotel


Please note that the location of the event/festival is subject to change based on venue availability.


Sustainable Week is an innovative new event designed to educate participants about the environmental impact of the fashion and textile industries.

Event Overview and Safety Plan:

Sustainable Week will feature a diverse range of events over the span of seven days, with careful consideration for attendee safety. To ensure a smooth and secure experience, we have implemented an event management safety plan, including:

1. Limited Attendance: The number of attendees will be restricted to maintain a comfortable and safe environment. Tickets will be required for entry, with reservations available in advance. This allows us to regulate crowd size and adhere to safety guidelines.

2. Ticketing System: Tickets for free events will be made available in advance to estimate attendance numbers accurately. This helps us plan and allocate resources effectively while ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.

3. Security Measures: On-site security personnel will be present to maintain order and address any safety concerns that may arise during the event. Their presence adds an extra layer of protection and reassurance for participants.

Bringing the Dublin Outdoors Brand to Life:

Sustainable Week plays a pivotal role in showcasing the essence of the Dublin Outdoors brand. By promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness, the event contributes to the city's image as a vibrant and forward-thinking destination. Additionally, Sustainable Week serves as a platform to highlight Irish brands on a global scale, boosting retail sales and attracting tourism. Through engaging programming and initiatives, we aim to elevate Dublin's reputation as a hub for sustainable living and innovation, further enhancing its appeal to both locals and visitors alike.


What sets our event apart and what attendees can expect:

1. Exclusive Fashion Shows: Our event will feature a series of captivating fashion shows, offering attendees a firsthand glimpse into the latest sustainable fashion trends and designs.

2. Presence of Industry Leaders: With key figures from the industry in attendance, our event provides a unique opportunity for networking and insights from experts who are shaping the future of sustainable fashion.

3. Mentorship Opportunities: Attendees can participate in mentoring sessions conducted by seasoned professionals, providing invaluable guidance and support for aspiring individuals looking to make an impact in the sustainable fashion industry.

4. Brand Exhibitions and Expos: Our event will host exhibitions and expos showcasing a diverse array of brands committed to sustainability, allowing attendees to explore and engage with eco-conscious products and initiatives.

5. Ethical Guidelines Session: A dedicated session will focus on ethical guidelines for sustainable fashion, offering practical insights and best practices for integrating sustainability into design and production processes.

6. Live Expo Featuring Emerging Brands: Attendees will have the chance to shop from a curated selection of emerging sustainable brands at a live expo, supporting and discovering innovative newcomers in the industry.

7. Interactive Experiences: Our event will feature live design demonstrations, pop-up shops, and a swap shop, creating immersive and interactive experiences that highlight the creativity and innovation driving sustainable fashion forward.

8. Recognition Evenings: Each evening will culminate in celebrations of sustainability achievements, recognizing individuals and organizations making significant contributions to the advancement of sustainable practices in fashion and beyond.

With this diverse and engaging lineup, our event offers attendees an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of sustainable fashion, gain inspiration, and connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders.

List of Participants:

The following individuals and entities are anticipated to be involved in our event, with specific details to be confirmed upon the announcement of contestants and sponsors:

1. Contestants: We expect a diverse range of contestants to participate in various aspects of the event, including fashion shows, design competitions, and innovation showcases. These individuals will represent emerging talent and established brands committed to sustainability in the fashion industry.

2. Sponsors: Our event will be supported by a network of sponsors dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. These sponsors will play a vital role in providing financial backing, resources, and expertise to help bring our vision to life.

3. Industry Experts: Leading figures from the fashion and sustainability sectors will be invited to participate as speakers, panelists, and mentors. Their insights and experiences will enrich the event program and provide valuable guidance to attendees.

4. Collaborating Organizations: We anticipate collaborations with various organizations, including nonprofits, educational institutions, and government agencies, who share our commitment to advancing sustainability goals. These partnerships will enhance the reach and impact of our event.

5. Media Partners: We will engage with media outlets and platforms to amplify the event's coverage and raise awareness about sustainable fashion initiatives. Media partners will play a crucial role in disseminating information and promoting participation in our event.

As contestants and sponsors are announced, we will provide updates on the individuals and entities involved, ensuring transparency and recognition for their contributions to our event's success.

This is a new event but this is an outline of the event for reference

Monday, December 2nd:
Mentoring Sessions: Kickstarting the week, participants will engage in mentoring sessions led by industry experts. These sessions will offer valuable guidance and support for individuals looking to navigate the world of sustainable fashion.

Tuesday, December 3rd:
The Art of Sustainable Fashion: Delving into the creative side of sustainable fashion, this day will feature discussions, workshops, and showcases highlighting the artistic and innovative aspects of eco-friendly design.

Wednesday, December 4th:
Ethical Guide to Sustainability: Participants will explore the ethical considerations and principles that underpin sustainable practices in various industries beyond fashion. From supply chain transparency to ethical sourcing, this day will provide a comprehensive guide to sustainable decision-making.

Thursday, December 5th:
Film Screening and After Party: Attendees will unwind and enjoy an evening of entertainment with a screening of thought-provoking documentaries and films related to sustainability, followed by an after-party to celebrate the spirit of the event.

Friday, December 6th:
Sustainable Fashion Award Night: Recognizing excellence in sustainable fashion, this prestigious event will honor the top 100 fashion and sustainable brands from around the world. The evening will be filled with accolades, inspiration, and celebration of industry leaders driving positive change.

Saturday, December 7th:
Fashion Show and Winner Announcement: The highlight of the event, this day will feature an exhilarating fashion show showcasing the latest sustainable designs and trends. Attendees will witness the culmination of the week's activities as the winner of the Sustainable Fashion Award is announced. Following the fashion show, participants will have the opportunity to network and connect with industry professionals, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Sunday, December 8th:
Industry Talk about Sustainability: Concluding Sustainable Week on a high note, this day will feature insightful discussions and presentations on sustainability in various industries. Experts and thought leaders will share their perspectives, strategies, and success stories, providing valuable insights into integrating sustainability into business practices. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge and inspiration to drive positive change in their respective fields.


Who can apply to showcase at the event?