About us

Flawless Magazine is an online platform that connects and supports artists all over the world. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of artists and designers.

We built Flawless Magazine to realize and nurture both new and established artists way to reward creativity. goal is simple – to make Flawless Magazine a globally recognised fashion name and showcase a new genre of creative talent. The Magazine promotes existing and develops new talent by making published work accessible to artists entering the industry.

Flawless is a launchpad for finding and rewarding artistic talent on merit, without compromise, from the team at Flawless Magazine. Make a difference in the world by showcasing your imagination.

Without the love of the artists that have helped us over the years, as well as the legwork we've already done and new relationships we're cultivating as we expand the showcase, it would be impossible to create a platform like Flawless Magazine.

Flawless Magazine is a creative outlet that was created to promote the fashion and design industries' creative talent. Its creation is led by the direct feedback of thousands of creatives who have backed us over the years, and is passionately maintained by a small founding team of designers and editors. The goal of Flawless is to empower, encourage, and celebrate creative talent.