Our podcast lets you tell your story, whether you're an amateur designer or a professional photographer. An artist-led podcast brought to you by a community of creators.




Flawless Magazine emerged  in 2011, forming one  of the world’s  most exclusive online fashion destinations. A decade  on, the industry has changed and more and more contents are shifting towards videos and audios, but one problem was yet to be resolved – unifying communities of artists and creators..

In what ways do you communicate ideas that creators and creatives can benefit from? There are many independent artists, photographers, and designers, all with their own goals and paths, which means that unification and building a community goes beyond simply posting their work.


We said at the outset, this is not just posting their work and promoting them. If it is, then we will have failed. But if our Mission is meaningful and committed to unifying communities of artists and creators around the world.


This is a fantastic opportunity to help bridge the knowledge gap between amateurs and professionals while also uniting communities of artists and creators all over the world.


In keeping with our roots, we are committed to showcasing the most talented people in the fashion industry, involving everyone regardless of level or skill set. Through our podcast, we aim to connect millions of artists in a meaningful, insightful, and educational way.