Cillian Murphy is the new face of Versace By Pellecchia Giovanni

All fashion Brand have the trend of creating collaborations with VIPs . This idea is
not recent, but in the last few years, partnerships have increased more and more.
especially in the luxury sector. This is pure marketing, a strategy to get more fame
and success . Versace is the brand that is creating more collaborations; examples include singer Dua Lipa and BTS.

Now Versace is paying attention to Cillian Murphy, an Oscar-nominated actor who got incredible fame from the thriller film "Oppenheimer.”.

Donatella Versace, the icon of the Italian brand, feels so proud of having chosen a man with great enthusiasm and great passion for the brand, Medusa.
“He is an exceptional actor and his Oscar win is absolutely deserved. On screen, he is magnetic and engaging, and it is a thrill to see him in Versace.

He is the protagonist of the March Versace campaign in Paris, where he will dress only in Versace and promote the brand on all social networks.

Donatella Versace is trying to attract each VIP by promoting the Brand to a high
level. Her aim would be to make Maison the most beloved brand among famous people. This is a great strategy that appears to have benefits . In 2023, Versace gained more by reaching +30%.

Murphy stars in the campaign for the luxury Italian fashion house alongside fellow Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. The campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographers Mert and Marcus.

Hathaway first appeared in an Icons campaign for Versace in April 2023, sharing at the time that she was "thrilled" to join the Versace family.

On teaming up for another campaign, Hathaway said in a statement, "I have met so many Versace women who are powerful, emotionally available, ambitious, substantive, funny, fierce, loving, singular, sexy, smart, talented, and generous, very much like Donatella. I have observed that a Versace woman is herself. I am so thrilled and honored to be considered a Versace woman and am overjoyed to reunite with the Versace family for another Icons campaign."
Donatella Versace described Hathaway and Murphy in a statement as "two of the best actors of today."  "Exceptionally talented and kind people I admire and respect, looking their best," she said of the campaign stars. "Very Versace."

She is no longer the 100% owner of Versace. The Maison is controlled for 70% by American designer Michael Kors , who bought the brand for 3 billion dollars.
she still plays an important role in development of maison , created by her brother
Gianni Versace.

All news about this partnership is live on Versace's official Instagram. Check out Versace's site, where you can see all the incredible products Maison creates every month.


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