Is Zara the new face of Luxury? By Pellecchia Giovanni

Zara never stops surprising

In the last few years, the most important brand of Inditex Group has managed to
face the economic crisis by creating new collections available for everyone by
maintaining high quality .

According to quite a few rankings , Zara is the first beloved brand by young
generation , the second for followers on Instagram (61.5 million followers , with
Victoria’s Secret is at the top with 76,1 million and the most beloved Fast Fashion

Zara is symbol of success , evolution and inclusivity . All its campaigns are founded on these three points. This is the first medium-fashion house to succeed in creating high competition in the luxury sector.

Zara earns more than Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent . The next aim consists of
becoming leader by overcoming Louis Vuitton , that earns 70 billion dollar per
years. “This is a difficult dream to realize.

Zara is the leader of fast fashion, but this is not enough. We, as workers, designers, and managers, desire to achieve more and more success. One solution would be to overcome all luxury houses. For this reason, Zara will become part of luxury from now on.”.

All people who work with Zara feel so excited for this choice . Great expectations are arriving, and new ideas are born. At any rate , Zara promotes 70% of richness for Inditex Group . The founder, Armancio Ortega, created a great empire of fashion, but he wants to continue with the evolution of Zara.

The majority of products are made in Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. Up to some years ago, Zara produced in Asia, in countries like Bangladesh and India. After work abuse scandals, collaboration with these zones ended, and it promoted production in Europe. Thanks to this choice, Zara creates only high-quality products made with European materials by European workers and creatives.

After the great success, he promoted more competition versus “the Big Fashion
Monsters” (Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga) by attracting luxury designers and stylists of other brands. Some designers confirm that Zara gives more support than some luxury Maisons.

This is a sign of how Zara wants to win the battle in the luxury market. This choice is creating problems for customers. They no longer manage to buy low-cost products. If you want to buy something at a low cost, you must wait for one or two
years, where the value of old products will be less than before.

New collections arrive at a price of 100 or 200 dollars. The great success of Zara is offering both positive vibes and negative ideas.

How will Zara stand up to this situation ?

If you are curious to see all the new collections, I’d advise you to search on the official site and admire all the pieces coming soon with enthusiasm because Zara creates something new each month!


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