10 Budget Friendly Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop from in 2024

One of the factors driving people to shop at fast fashion brands is the affordability factor. 

As we become increasingly aware of the environmental harm caused by fast fashion and turn to shopping for sustainable clothing and embracing the principles of slow fashion, questions arise about affordability, production conditions, and where to find such clothing.

If you're new to exploring sustainable fashion, you might find the prices a bit unexpected. However, it's crucial to recognize that these brands aren't meant to be consumed as rapidly as fast fashion. Sustainable fashion labels prioritize eco-friendly methods, ethical manufacturing standards, classic designs, and durable essentials that maintain their appeal over time. The durability and timeless design of these pieces mean you can enjoy them for many years, unlike fast fashion items that often need replacing each season.

For further insights into the environmental impact of fast fashion, feel free to explore our earlier article on the significance of sustainable clothing for our planet.

Below is a compilation of sustainable brands available for shopping in 2024

1. Weigh N Pay

WNP is a vintage retail company specializing in the sale of preloved and sustainable clothing items. Operating as an online store, they offer worldwide shipping. Their inventory includes preowned clothing and accessories sourced from renowned sustainable brands such as Uniqlo, Patagonia, and others.


website: weighnpay.ie | Ebay Link: Weighvintage0


2. Pact

Pact is a budget-friendly, eco-conscious clothing label that utilizes GOTS organic cotton in crafting its stylish apparel. Organic cotton, devoid of pesticides or harmful substances, stands as a greener alternative to conventional cotton, conserving approximately ten times the water used in irrigation.

The company specializes in crafting laid-back attire for women, men, and children, along with offering reasonably priced organic bedding and household textiles.

Sustainability: Factories certified by Fair Trade and materials certified by GOTS as organic.



3. Tradlands

Tradlands offers a collection of affordable, premium-quality women's clothing based in Oceanside, California.

A significant issue with fast fashion lies in its lack of durability; garments often deteriorate quickly, leading to frequent replacements. Tradlands aims to break this cycle of waste by prioritizing lasting quality in their clothing.

Tradlands specializes in crafting meticulously crafted essentials for women. Although some products are priced at a premium, they offer a selection of affordable options as well. It's certainly worth exploring their collection.

Sustainability: ethical manufacturing, use of natural and sustainable materials, recycling of leftover materials.



4. Nomads

Nomads Clothing has been offering affordable ethical clothing worldwide since 1989. Their materials are entirely organic and obtained from sustainable sources. They prioritize natural fibers and utilize GOTS-certified organic cotton, while their prints are crafted using Azo-free, environmentally approved dyes. Their collection includes a variety of sustainable men's and women's wear styles.

Sustainability: utilization of organic and eco-friendly materials, along with a sustainable supply chain.



5. Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co. is a women of color-led fashion label dedicated to crafting eco-conscious attire at accessible prices, utilizing conscientious materials.

The company emphasizes eco-friendly fabrics such as upcycled materials or organic fibers such as organic cotton and hemp, avoiding unsustainable textiles like new polyester and cotton.

Discover an array of sustainable jumpsuits, dresses, vibrant t-shirts, shorts, and other organic staples that seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe.

Sustainability: Eco-friendliness: Utilization of organic materials, compostable packaging, and budget-friendly ethical fashion.



6. Made Trade

Made Trade is an online marketplace led by women that enables you to browse through top ethical fashion and home goods brands globally.

The platform meticulously verifies each brand to ensure compliance with rigorous sustainability and social criteria.

Certified as climate-neutral, Made Trade provides complimentary carbon offset shipping with every purchase.

Sustainability: Selection of ethical and sustainable apparel brands sourced globally.



7. Plant-faced clothing

Plant Faced Clothing is an eco-conscious clothing label spearheading the fight against the detrimental exploitation of individuals and animals in the fashion sector.

The company designs striking statement t-shirts, sweaters, and accessories using solely cruelty-free materials, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and environmentally friendly water-based dyes.

Furthermore, the company guarantees ethical manufacturing practices by exclusively collaborating with audited and certified factories.

sustainability: responsible manufacturing, eco-friendly materials, dyeing with water-based pigments, suitable for vegans.



8. Amour Vert

Regarded as one of the pioneering eco-conscious fashion labels, Amour Vert is dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion and demonstrating that it can blend style with environmental responsibility.

The brand's contemporary yet enduring garments are crafted in San Francisco and ethically produced in the USA, prioritizing eco-friendly practices. From the use of sustainable materials and zero-waste manufacturing techniques to recyclable and compostable packaging, Amour Vert upholds sustainability across all aspects of its operations.


Sustainability: environmentally friendly production, sustainable materials crafted in the USA, packaging that is recyclable and compostable.



9. Thought Clothing

Based in the UK, Thought Clothing is a sustainable brand that provides an array of eco-friendly garments at reasonable prices.

Utilizing materials like hemp and organic cotton, they ensure that their clothing is not only soft but also provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Sustainability: natural, environmentally conscious, sustainable resources.


10. Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo offers reasonably priced eco-friendly apparel for men, women, and even infants.

Much like several other brands featured here, Fair Indigo was established with the aim of reforming the fashion industry, drawing on the collective experiences of its founders, who previously worked in the sector.

All of their materials are ethically sourced, and considerable effort and resources are invested in preparing these materials to ensure longevity in their clothing. They ensure fair wages for their workers, use environmentally friendly dyes, and maintain a transparent and ethical supply chain.

While Fair Indigo's clothing designs are often simple, they are versatile and timeless, ensuring they remain stylish for years to come. Additionally, they offer multipack options for a better price per item.

Sustainability: certified by Fair Trade and Green America, employing sustainable materials and ensuring lasting quality.


In conclusion, the rise of sustainable brands marks a pivotal shift in the fashion industry towards more ethical and environmentally conscious practices. By prioritizing sustainable materials, fair labor practices, and transparent supply chains, these brands are not only offering consumers stylish and high-quality clothing but also contributing positively to the planet and society as a whole. As consumers, supporting these sustainable brands empowers us to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change in the fashion industry. Together, we can continue to champion sustainability and pave the way for a more responsible and equitable future.

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