Ariana Greenblatt Has Her Head-in-the Clouds in Coachtopia’s Latest Campaign Drop


Introducing Coachtopia's latest campaign, "Lighter Bags, Brighter Futures," featuring actor Ariana Greenblatt, renowned for her role in "Barbie." The campaign showcases the new Coachtopia Loop collection, featuring ultra-light bags crafted from 98% recycled PET plastic, emphasizing sustainability and recyclability. Launching this month, the collection includes innovative styles like the Mini Puffy Tote and Mini Backpack, emphasizing reduced carbon footprints and Coachtopia’s commitment to circular fashion.

Highlighting an exciting array of products from the Coachtopia Loop collection, launching this month on Each item, made from recycled, repurposed, or renewable materials, is designed for longevity, offering pathways for reuse and recycling. Greenblatt expresses excitement about contributing to environmental betterment through Coachtopia's innovative designs.

The campaign spotlights key new styles like the versatile Coachtopia Loop Mini Puffy Tote and the compact Coachtopia Loop Mini Backpack, ideal for everyday adventures. Additionally, returning favorites like the Ergo bag are reintroduced in new colorways, demonstrating Coachtopia's dedication to circular fashion principles.

In addition to bags, the collection introduces accessories and clothing featuring new materials, techniques, and prints. Notably, the Ergo bag debuts in Croc-Embossed Coachtopia Leather and Wavy Lava Upcrafted Leather, showcasing innovative use of recycled leather fibers and repurposed scraps. Exclusive prints by designer Kelly Ficarra add a unique aesthetic to the lineup.

Launched in April 2023, Coachtopia, a visionary sub-brand of Coach, prioritizes circular craftsmanship and collaborative creativity. With over 80 years of leather expertise, Coachtopia pioneers a shift in the product lifecycle, emphasizing waste materials utilization and products' ability to live multiple lives. Through initiatives like "Lighter Bags, Brighter Futures," Coachtopia leads the charge towards a more sustainable and circular business model.

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