NewJeans Member Hanni is the Cover Star of Marie Claire Korea

Korean Marie Claire features k-pop star Hanni on the cover of their latest edition


Hanni from the K-pop group NewJeans graces the cover of Marie Claire Korea Magazine's digital edition, lensed by fashion photographer Kim Sinae. Styling is curated by Choi Yumi, complemented by set design by Choi Seoyun. The beauty team includes hair stylist Lee Hyejin, makeup artist Lee Sol, and manicurist Heo Jinhee.

In a recent feature in the 2024 Billboard Women in Music issue, NewJeans opened up about their remarkable achievements. In an interview with Billboard, the group discussed winning top honors like Artist of the Year and Song of the Year at prestigious events like the Melon Music Awards and MAMA Awards. Hanni expressed how surreal the experience felt and conveyed the group's deep gratitude to everyone who supported their music and content. Danielle echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the joy and honor of connecting with their fans through music.

Despite their relatively small discography, NewJeans has left a significant mark with hits like “Ditto.” According to Danielle, the group instantly resonated with their songs, aiming to convey healing and positive energy through their music. They expressed gratitude towards their CEO, Min Hee Jin, founder of ADOR and a prominent female figure in the industry, for her inspiring and nurturing guidance.

In light of the evolving dynamics in K-pop fandom, historically challenging for female artists to build loyal fanbases, Minji suggested that the expanding K-pop market and the group’s commitment to performing music they love have helped garner early support from fans. The group also highlighted the role of digital platforms in facilitating communication with their audience.

NewJeans recognized their influence on the K-pop genre, steering it towards more accessible music, a direction encouraged by their CEO to create universally enjoyable tunes. Looking ahead, the members expressed aspirations to craft emotionally resonant music, leave a lasting legacy, and stay authentic while embracing new experiences and growth.

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