Stephen Linard, London Designer, Image Maker, and ‘Blitz Kid,’ Dead at 64

Stephen Linard, London Designer, Image Maker, and ‘Blitz Kid,’ Dead at 64

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Blitz Kid Stephen Linard’s 1980 Neo-Gothic Collection Anticipated “Heavenly Bodies” by 38 Years

Renowned London designer and 'Blitz Kid,' Stephen Linard, has passed away at 64, leaving behind a legacy of vibrant, color-drenched fashion. Linard, known for his eclectic and innovative designs inspired by Gothic, romantic, and street aesthetics, made waves in the '80s club scene with his bold and flamboyant looks. Despite facing health challenges in recent months, Linard's creative spirit remained undiminished until his passing from throat cancer on March 10.

While Linard may not have achieved widespread recognition compared to some of his peers, he was a pioneer in the fashion world, renowned for his imaginative use of color and his holistic approach to design. Collaborating with iconic figures such as David Bowie, Boy George, and Spandau Ballet, Linard's creations transcended mere fashion, serving as transformative costumes that allowed wearers to embody different personas.

From his early days styling for magazines like i-D and The Face to his later endeavors in menswear and silk-screen design, Linard's talent and creativity knew no bounds. His contributions to the New Romantic movement, alongside fellow 'Blitz Kid' Stephen Jones, helped shape the cultural landscape of the era.

Despite financial challenges and setbacks, Linard's passion for design remained unwavering throughout his career. His keen eye for color and pattern continued to be celebrated, with a recent exhibition showcasing his fashion illustrations from the late '70s to early '80s receiving widespread acclaim.

Linard's legacy lives on through his sister Beverley, and plans for a memorial service are currently underway. In the fashion world and beyond, his impact will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

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