Anthony Joshua secures a knockout victory over Francis Ngannou with a devastating finish against the former UFC heavyweight champion.

On Friday night, AJ achieved a historic feat by being the first to knock down the UFC champion in his career.

He managed to send Ngannou to the canvas twice more in the second round, with the third knockdown ultimately securing his victory.


Ngannou remained unable to rise, and Joshua outperformed his rival Tyson Fury by swiftly ending Ngannou's challenge after only two rounds. Now, a widely circulated video captures each of AJ's knockdowns, showcasing his stellar performance before a celebrity-packed audience in Saudi Arabia.

Throughout the week's festivities and hype, Joshua remained intensely focused, maintaining his dedication as he showcased his boxing prowess with a decisive knockout victory over Ngannou.

Despite Ngannou's impressive performance against Fury, Joshua showed no inclination to prolong the bout, swiftly ending it as the early hours approached in Saudi Arabia.


In the initial moments of the bout, the former unified world champion demonstrated his exceptional speed, catching Ngannou off guard with a powerful right hand that sent him to the canvas. Joshua continued to dominate, utilizing feints effectively and leaving Ngannou unable to anticipate his moves.


The victory improves Joshua's career record to 28-3, serving as another strong statement of his capabilities. With Fury watching from ringside after his recent split-decision win over Ngannou, Joshua wasted no time in signaling his intent to face the winner of Fury's upcoming bout with Usyk on May 18. Additionally, he credited his trainer Ben Davison for helping reignite his knockout instincts, which have played a significant role in his resurgence.


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