Interview with Loni Baur - Make-Up Artist Starting her Makeup Brand

Interview with Loni Baur - Make-Up Artist 

Interview with Loni Baur - Make-Up Artist   

The most beloved make-up artist in Germany LONI BAUR talks about the  importance of make-up in her life and her new signature product THE FACE  EDITION. 

Tell us more about your brand. What is behind the product THE FACE EDITION? 

THE FACE EDITION contains a complete make-up set for a perfect look – twelve  premium beauty products in one palette – wherein every box creates another unique  style. The QR code leads to an exclusive tutorial with Loni, in which she explains the  different products and steps in detail. With her help, everybody can look as if made up  by a professional. 

Where did the idea for THE FACE EDITION come from? 

“After putting on make-up, my clients – models, VIPs as well as friends – have asked  me again and again: Could you please write down which products you used on me? I  want to recreate this look at home.“, explains Loni. “Considering the enormous supply of  products on the market, I wanted to simplify the selection of suitable make-up articles.  That’s why I developed THE FACE EDITION: Perfectly matched colors and textures,  which – when used together artfully – produce a wonderful look.”  

Interview with Loni Baur - Make-Up Artist

How did you develop into an entrepreneur? What's it like working with your friend  and cofounder Nike Lohmann? 

I love working with Nike. We’ve been friends for so many years and since the day we  founded our brand I am learning so much about entrepreneurship. We simply  complement each other perfectly. Nike takes care of the entrepreneurial and  organizational part and I am the creative force of the company. We are the perfect  match and are constantly learning from each other. 

What look are you known for and where do you get your inspirations from? 

I am known in the industry for my creative and colorful looks and for my precise  technique. 

What fascinates you about make-up? And what do you love most about your job? What fascinates me about makeup is the great changeability of a face and the sheer  endless possibilities to dive into a new world with makeup. I think it's great that makeup 

is able to make you feel confident and strong. With makeup you can decide who you  want to be. 

I love my job because it takes me to great places and I meet so many interesting,  unique people through it. 

Interview with Loni Baur - Make-Up Artist


Can you tell us something about your career as a make-up artist? What were the  most important stages here? 

As a make-up artist, I was particularly influenced by my time in New York and Paris,  where I did a lot of make-up for fashion shows. I worked in many different teams there  and took away so much inspiration for my further work. 

As a makeup artist, you have the opportunity to work with models and celebrities  every day and be up close and personal with them! Can you tell us about some of  your celebrity clients and what it's like working with them? 

Yes, I have already worked with very many celebrities. From Heidi Klum, to Gigi Hadid,  Lenny Kravitz and Princess Charlène of Monaco, to name a few. But no matter if  someone is prominent or not - for me it is always most important to respond to the  person in my chair and to make them up so that they feel comfortable, beautiful and  strong afterwards. 

Interview with Loni Baur - Make-Up Artist



Is there someone you look up to professionally? Would you mind telling me who  that is? 

A great role model for me is Diane Kendal. I have worked with her a lot and for me her  work just always remains an absolute benchmark. But of course I also follow many  younger and up-and-coming makeup artists who create bold looks and a style all their  own. 

If a future makeup artist wants to start their own makeup brand, what advice  would you give them?  

Prepare for a lot of work! ;-) 

Stay true to your own style and try to put all your know-how and knowledge into your  own products. 

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