Claire’s Celebrates Half a Century of Hello Kitty with Latest Line, CGI Promotion, and Festivities

Claire’s is celebrating Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary with a new collection, CGI campaign, and festive events. This marks half a century of Hello Kitty’s charm and popularity, with Claire’s honoring the beloved character.

The new collection from Claire’s features a delightful array of Hello Kitty-themed accessories, including jewelry, hair accessories, bags, and stationery. Designed to appeal to both longtime fans and a new generation of Hello Kitty enthusiasts, the collection blends nostalgic elements with contemporary trends. Expect to see signature red bows, adorable cat ears, and playful prints that capture the essence of Hello Kitty’s timeless appeal.

Cutting-Edge CGI Campaign

Claire’s cutting-edge CGI campaign brings Hello Kitty to life in a modern, vibrant way, showcasing the new collection through dynamic visuals and creating an engaging, shareable experience.


To further commemorate Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, Claire’s is hosting a series of celebrations around the world. These events include pop-up shops, in-store parties, and exclusive giveaways. Fans can participate in themed activities, enjoy photo opportunities with Hello Kitty, and indulge in limited-edition merchandise available only at these special events. Claire’s aims to create memorable experiences that honor the legacy of Hello Kitty and her impact on pop culture.




A Legacy of Friendship and Fun

Hello Kitty, created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1974, has become a global phenomenon known for spreading messages of friendship, kindness, and joy. Over the past 50 years, Hello Kitty has transcended cultural and generational boundaries, becoming a beloved character for people of all ages. Claire’s collaboration to celebrate this milestone underscores the enduring popularity and universal appeal of Hello Kitty.

Party it up with Claire's to celebrate Hello Kitty's 50th and soak in the vibes of this legendary character with their cool collection and awesome events. Cheers to oodles of friendship, laughter, and Hello Kitty!


Explore the collection and find a celebration near you at [Claire’s website]( 

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