Kanye West sparks controversy by publicly demanding that Kim Kardashian removes their children from Sierra Canyon School through an Instagram post.

In the early hours of today, Kanye West took to Instagram to demand that Kim Kardashian withdraw their children from Sierra Canyon School.

Ye insisted that Sierra Canyon School is a sham institution catering to celebrities and manipulated by what he termed "the system." He elaborated that "the system" is a widely understood code for an underlying agenda. Ye recounted how his father withdrew him from this system, emphasizing that now the system is attempting to estrange him from his children.

Ye elucidated how the system frequently steers clear of children with present fathers when selecting athletes, as they are more challenging to influence.

This post has ignited a flurry of comments. Some believe he is attempting to unveil a peculiar agenda, while others suggest it would be preferable for him to privately contact Kim and discuss the matter. On the other hand, some are embracing his post as a source of entertainment while eagerly awaiting GTA 6.

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