"Nikita Rawal: From Actress to Kathak Performer - A Journey Through Dance and Film"

Nikita Rawal is an Indian Actress and Kathak Performer.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she is known as an organizer and a performer in Bollywood and South Indian movies. Rawal has worked movies such as Black & White with Anil Kapoor and Shefali ShahMr Hot Mr Kool and The Hero – Abhimanyu,

Ammaa Ki BoliGaram Masala, starring Akshay Kumar and John AbhrahamCute Kamina etc. She has also worked in Tollywood since 2012, and has received 8 awards. She has undertaken a government project depicting social issues, produced by Innocent Virus Films on NDTV.The video is based on spreading awareness about making the country drug free.In her upcoming film Roti Kapda and Romance, she plays the lead role alongside Arshad Warsi and Chunky Pandey. Nikital Rawal is coming up new  projects and web shows.  



Interview with Nikita Rawal


What makes you want to pursue acting?

 Answer: Acting is in my blood, it is something which I born with so I knew that this is only thing I want to do.


What are your main advantages and disadvantages?

 Answer: my ADVANTAGE I'm all-rounder in   my work you can put me in any kind of work or place I will be easily winning there. Disadvantages is I’m moody so some time it is bad


What about acting most appeals to you?

Answer:  Role, character, I like gray character to play, that gives me so much power.



What theater or film production is your favorite?

Answer  :   I have started with theater  and that's my first love ,so there are so many in Mumbai so I love them all as I'm in love with my profession.



What acting method do you employ when you miss a line while filming?

 Answer: whenever I'm shooting I go  in to such zone when I feel that this is my real life , so whenever I miss my line I improve on other way that feel real and natural.


What methods do you employ to create characters or take on the role you're playing?

 Answer:  In my last web I was playing cop so I use to spend time in police station, I have friends there so I spend days and tray to do reality check so whenever I play something I go to ground and learn raw things about character that's how I do.


Please talk about your most recent theatre or movie experience.

 Answer: I have been really busy with my shoots so not recently but  I saw play in theater which was Gujarati play and one Hindi also at Prithvi theater,  it was mind shutting. I was speech less


What do you consider to be the most difficult part of acting?

Answer: That you really don't know people will like it or not you just have to work without thinking about result


What kinds of roles have you previously had?

Answer: I have done Comic, typical Bollywood heroine, played as a Cop, Doctor.


Which do you think is more important for an actor—talent or training?

 Answer: Only talent works nothing else.


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